Powerful Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software

Transform your organisation with the leading online image management solution from Mosaic
Packed with features and simple to use, with Mosaic you can... 

Secure Image Database

Secure in the Cloud

All your valuable digital assets
secure and available online
anytime – No software hastle

Powerful Image Search

Search in seconds

Never lose an image or
document again with Mosaic’s
powerful search engine

Image Share and Distribute

Share & Distribute

Get interoffice efficiencies
humming, share with clients &
suppliers with one solution

Download Options

Download Options

Scale and Download an 
image in the format
and size you need

Mosaic is a purpose-built software solution designed to centralize all your valuable digital and media assets.

Mosaic Digital Asset Management ("DAM") provides businesses with a world-class database product to securely store and categorize their digital graphic and photography files for quick and easy retrieval.

Mosaic provides a fully searchable, categorized library of digital images, photos, videos and other documents to share with partners and for photographers to share collections with their clients.

With the Mosaic image bank software we can have you up and running in 24hrs with immediate benefits:

  • Learn in seconds - simple and intuitive
  • Your own marketing store – on demand accessible 24/7
  • Reports on users /files/downloads and more
  • Track image license and expiration dates to protect copyright
  • Provide an online portfolio and gallery of your work
  • Brand and theme the system as your own - on-sell to clients