About Us

Mosaic Digital Asset Management software is developed in New Zealand by Original Image.

Mosaic DAM software founder and director, Chris McGowan has had more than 20 years in the advertising, pre-press and design industries. 

With 10 years in a key role with Saatchi and Saatchi a leading advertising agency in London and with design and pre-press in companies in NZ and the UK has provided a unique insight to client and agency requirements in the area of workflow and digital asset management solutions.

With this background it became clear there needed to be a better way to provide clients with access to their own files rather than being charged to retrieve what was already theirs. Many hours were spent looking for photography that had been used in previous work to re-use in new collateral and campaigns. With this came the inspiration to develop the fist DAM system in 2000 and Mosaic has evolved to the product it is now.

Mosaic DAM clients have the functionality, control and access needed to manage their own Digital Assets and have the cost savings associated with efficient searching, distribution and reduction in unnecessary re-work.