Does Your Company Cater to the Digital Generation?

The Digital Generation (Generation Z) who were born between 1991 and 2000's are fast becoming your latest customers and for this generation of of digital natives are you ready?

Your business needs to satisfy customers who gather their information, communicate and do their shopping online. Eight out of ten consumers in the US now shop online, the number of online consumers doubled in NZ since 2004 and in the UK sales grew in a single month by 18%,

Improving your online offerings goes without saying but what is required to ensure the products and services of your company are digitally accessible?

The question is what can you do about it and have you heard of DAM software?

DAM software (Digital Asset Management) is used to store your digital assets. Digital Assets are non-tangible items as apposed to traditional services and goods such as photographs, images, graphics, logos, videos, manuals, marketing materials … that are stored on a local hard drive or online.

DAM software provides a secure place for companies to store these digital assets in a user friendly system for your marketing team to search and download these assets for use in all your marketing media and in particular the company website.

Remotely managed DAM applications provide the best solution as the software is on network rather than locally on your desktop. With your digital assets stored on a server many users can easily gain access to these assets and the software can be customized to look like your own website and even bet at your own domain name.

The advantage is that users needing access to your database of product imagery and information can easily get to it and make immediate use of it. It also ensures that the latest and best of your imagery is being used rather than some outdated examples that people still have on their local hard drives. You will also be able to set user permissions to control what users can and can't do with reports on what was viewed and downloaded.

Other advantages are you don't need to pay web designers and developers to develop a complicated customized website to store your digital assets but rather use an existing well tested solution that works out the box. You will be able to upload and manage your asset content remotely yourself very easily instead of paying someone else to maintain it.

If you have images and files on a local computer or hard drive that really should be available to others to access then you really should look at a DAM software solution. Its takes a few hours to set up but will save you countless hours in the long run not to mention the cost savings and efficiencies gained.

Original Image created Mosaic DAM Software. Mosaic is a high performance web based Digital Asset Management solution, which can be easily configured to fit with any company brand.

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