Manage Your Image Photography With Image Library Software

Digital asset management and image library software will ensure your valuable digital assets are protected safe and secure in a single central repository. If you were to lose your digital files due to hardware failure, viruses or theft, your valuable marketing resources are gone which could set you back months or even years to recreate.

The internet has now become the standard tool for most businesses and allows for many innovative ways to organize and distribute information and files. Cloud based image library software will provide an offsite backup your images as well as provide a central database of these files for simple search and retrieval.

Good image library software will provide a solution to securely store your full resolution files off-site and be accessed immediately from anywhere in the world by those who needs access.

With a central system to store these files, you will be able to better keep track of your completed projects and campaigns and provide access to designers and agency to make use of your existing digital files for new campaigns. By organizing your library using meta tags, labels, categories and custom fields, users can easily search your entire library of assets using keywords.

Good DAM software will also help with group work as all users can access your data online from any computer anywhere in the world. By setting up user and group permissions for employees, clients, agencies, printers and designers you can control who can see what they need to see and what they can do with the assets, such as adding new, deleting and managing the meta data.

Protecting your pictures and digital assets is easier than you think and you get to enjoy the additional functionality that a well designed Digital Asset Management system will provide.

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