DAM Benefits

The facts are proven. Companies are realising hard cost savings and process efficiencies with Mosaic

  • Independent of suppliers - Gain total ownership of your images and graphics
  • Full control of your image library by remotely managing your digital assets and controlling access to them
  • Eliminate time spent to find and copy digital images to send to end users
  • Allow marketing, communications and IT personnel to concentrate on core activity
  • Create a central repository for all corporate and product images allowing easy, monitored and controlled access

Reduce time to market and process costs associated with marketing and communications material by:

  • Using existing images without re-inventing the wheel
  • Tracking and archiving seasonal or regular campaigns for re-use
  • Eliminate courier and CD charges to supply images time and again to suppliers or service providers
  • No barriers to change - DAM systems allow a painless shift to new suppliers

Mosaic is providing an 8:1 return (and more) to companies investing in DAM technology.

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