Key Image Library Software Features

Mosaic image library software is a high-performance, cost-effective server application that we host for you. You manage the software remotely as if it were on your own network.

An alt tagAny digital file such as corporate or product images and photographs, PDF's, movies, and historical information can be easily accessed and distributed in a user friendly, secure environment. Mosaic supports all commonly used image and graphic formats such as JPEG, TIFF, PSD, EPS, AI, PDF, BMP, GIF, PNG and movie formats such as QuickTime and WMV and automatically creates thumbnails to provide a preview in the search results.

Intelligent Search

Images and other digital documents (assets) are categorized and have metadata entered against them so that users can easily find them using a quick keyword search, by browsing the category structure or by using the advanced search page. The categories the keywords and other metadata fields are flexible so you can customize them to meet your exact requirements and ensure a logical storage system for future reference and retrieval.


Mosaic enables you to make and save a collection of your favourite files for the next time you log in. You can also choose to share your image collection with your clients, your suppliers or anyone with access to system.

Download Options

resize.jpgMosaic stores the original high-resolution image library file for press and advertising requirements.
It also enables users to choose other formats and sizes from a drop-down of Administrator defined formats for uses such as Powerpoint documents and websites.
Mosaic creates the new file from the original and so only a single high-res file is stored.

Email Collections

email.jpgIf you have suppliers or clients who are in urgent need of a logo or an image, then mosaic enables you to send the files as an email attachment to save them needing their own login and password.
If the recipient has an attachment limit on their server then you may choose to email a link to the collection which they can access at their convenience.

Users, Groups and Permissions

Mosaic's powerful users and groups management structure enables you to grant and restrict access to individual assets or categories. 
Mosaic also enables you to control which assets can be only viewed or downloaded and who can upload new files to which category.


themes.jpgIf you have a corporate identity or an existing website Mosaic can be easily themed to match your brand. Mosaic can also use your own domain such as or
All we need is a logo, a copy of your brand guidelines or your website domain and we will do the rest for you.


You may protect your valuable images by applying watermarks to the preview files when users are browsing so no one uses an image without permission.


Administrators can access reports on how many users are using the system, how many files are being downloaded and more.

Browser based

Designed to work with any popular web browser and does not require on any client-side plug-ins.


Manage over a million items, thousands of concurrent users and unlimited categories and sub-categories.

If you would like more information or would like to try Mosaic for yourself then please contact us we'd love to hear from you!