Mosaic : DAM Software for Digital Asset Management

Mosaic is a business solution, designed and purpose built to store and easlily find and access digital files of any type.

dam.gifMosaic DAM software stores photos, logos, brand guidelines, product images, design templates, PDF files, photographs, movies and music in any digital format. Mosaic puts these digital assets back in the hands of the people that paid for them. Mosaic stores digital assets in an easily searchable and secure online environment. Customer-defined categories and keywords ensure a logical storage system for future reference and retrieval. Search criteria can be customised to a level of complexity that the customer defines.

Creating a presentation?

Mosaic will take your selected images and convert them to a lower resolution version from the original high resolution TIFF or JPEG to use in MS PowerPoint or another applications.

Need the latest product shots or a picture of the CEO for the Annual Report?

View the thumbnail previews, select the best images and e-mail them to the supplier for use in a MAC or PC environment.


resize.jpgFor the best results, the original image is stored in its high resolution format where it is available to e-mail or download in a size and file format to suit any need.


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