Mosaic For Photographers : Photo Database Software

Mosaic provides a convenient on-line resource to share your Digital Photography.

cameralens.jpgMosaic database software has been designed to assist you in every part of the process that follows the taking of the picture, through final output and permanent storage in a systematic and efficient way. As you upload high-resolution photos to your library, Mosaic reads the embedded ITPC and EXIF meta data and enables you to assign keywords and other information to them to provide a convenient system for your clients to search, view and access your work.


Here are just a few of the benefits your will enjoy using Mosaic:

  • Provide an online portfolio and gallery of your work
  • Enable your clients to view your photo shoot
  • Provide a high-resolution archive of your work for your clients
  • Enable your clients to access and download their images
  • Brand and theme the system as your own and tie it into your existing website

For more information on how Mosaic can solve your photo storage and distribution needs please contact us or check out the Mosaic demonstration.