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Mosaic is a high-performance web based Digital File Management or Digital Asset Management Solution that can easily manage all your companies brand assets.

searchresults.jpg Mosaic Digital Asset manager us being adopted by Companies and Photographers as the single most efficient way to store, retrieve, archive, and distribute digital files such as corporate or product images and photographs, PDF's, movies, audio files and historical marketing information. Files are easily accessed and distributed in a user friendly secure on-line environment with a sophisticated permission structure enabling you to control user access to categories and assets. Mosaic Digital Asset Management can store digital files of any type and it automatically creates a digital database with all the important information relating to those files along with additional notes and copyright information.

resize.jpgDownload Options

If you have a high-resolution CMYK TIFF's for use in print but require the same images for use on the web then with Mosaic you can download these photo image files at a size and format that best suits your needs – all at the click of a button – from the original file.

Browser Based

Mosaic photo management software is totally browser based, is built using leading and widely used web technologies and no client-side plugins or software is required.

What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

Basically it is all your images, brand logos and graphic design files along with any other ‘digital’ or ‘media’ files that is of any value to you our your company being held safe and secure within a Digital Asset Management System.

Mosiac Digital Asset Management system is an online software solution that is always available to you (or anyone you give access or membership access to), so you can download or reuse your valuable digital images, graphic design files, Brand logos and marketing materials, video files, or any other digital media you can think of.

Mosaic Media Asset Manager is the perfect solution when wanting to retrieve and distribute digital assets.

What Mosaic Digital Asset Management software can do:

Save an amazing amount of time and resource when you utilise the powerful features within Mosaic DAM software. Easily ingest, annotate, catalogue, store, retrieve and distribute any digital assets. Digital photographs, animations, videos and music are handled with ease by Mosaic’s powerful Digital Asset Management Database.

If you are…

  • Often searching your server for lost pictures, videos, marketing materials, brand guidelines and proofs
  • Spending your day managing where and how suppliers receive your digital assets and files?
  • Have problems and conflicts with out of date brand materials and old digital assets

Then Mosaic Digital Asset Management is the solution you need.

What is Media Asset Management (MAM)?

Media Asset Management is basically a sub-category of digital asset management and is more about audio, video and other media content. Mosiac software handles all your assets with the same industry leading Digital Asset Management solution, so it does not matter wether you have more video and audio content than imagery, the database features of Mosaic are the same. With one online Digital Library for all your digital or media assets, Mosaic can effectively manage, catalogue and distribute all your files with ease.

Other benefits of Digital Asset Management by Mosaic

  • Manipulating digital assets – converting, merging, collating
  • Searching – one centralised location
  • Verifying – insuring the integrity of digital assets
  • Delivery – online distribution of digital assets
  • Security of digital assets – copyright protection and management
  • Backing up digital assets – ensuring digital files are available in event of internal downtime

Are you a Brand Manager – looking for a system to ensure consistency and accountability

Are you a Marketing Manager – looking for a total marketing solution for your company or clients?

Does Media Management software rock your boat? – see how Mosaic can help your plain sailing

To busy happy snapping to be bothered cataloguing your Photographs – get Mosaic on the job

How long to get up and running?

With Mosaic getting your online digital asset management solution can take a matter of days. Some of our clients go for their own completed branded solution (which does take a little longer), and others are happy for just their logo to sit within the Mosaic Software. Whatever your preference, we’ll discuss the quickest timeline to suit when you signup.

What sort of support do I get with Mosaic Digital Asset Management?

With Mosaic you get as much support as you need. Our experience is that the initial implementation phase and learning of the system by you and your staff is very quick. Mosaic has been designed for ease of use and is learned intuitively. The processes within the software are methodical and not difficult for users to understand.

Phone support is in plain English with as much humour as you can handle. Mosaic prides itself on the high level of support if offers its customers. We are responsive and proactive and resolve any queries you have usually on the spot or within 12 hrs.

Contact Chris McGowan the Managing Director to discuss Mosaic further +64 9 478 0365

Hear what others are saying about Mosaic

Our people specialize and focus on providing Digital Asset Management systems and solutions and so provide the very best service. This gives you peace of mind as we manage the system from set up through to on-going maintenance and support.

But don't take our word for it. Mosaic clients include some of the world's leading brands, products and services.