What is Digital Asset Management Software (DAM)?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) software is an application which facilitates quick and efficient storage, retrieval and reuse of the digital assets essential for enterprises. Digital assets include processed data files, white papers, engineering blueprints, architectural plans, web pages, text documents, photos, videos, audio files, and many other electronic files related to business.

DAM software implements the business rules and processes needed to acquire, store, index, secure, search, and transform these assets and metadata (data-about-data) for them. DAM software is an essential tool to monitor storage state of files and restore backup copies in case primary data is damaged. It also monitors use of storage capacity, software/hardware failures, provides support for technology/system migration, and eases ingestion and access policies for data movement in enterprises. Other terms which symbolize DAM software are media asset management software (MAM software), and enterprise content management software (ECM software).

This is an excerpt from Research and Markets